Our activities and actions are based on the principle “HOW TO WORK BETTER“ formulated in 1991 by Peter Fischli and David Weiss:
Do one thing at a time

Our concentration is undivided. We set our priorities carefully and conscientiously. The right steps in the right order make our projects successful.

Know the problem

We look behind the obvious to recognize and analyze the problems.

Learn to listen

Our solutions and concepts arise in dialogue. Active listening is a decisive success factor for our work.

Learn to ask Questions

We want to understand every detail. Therefore, we dig deeper, ask the correct questions and develop a common understanding.

Distungish sense from nonsense

With a clear mind we give a meaning to our actions. Our priorities and every single measure we take are oriented towards this every day.

Accept change as invitable

Change moves. Whoever wishes to achieve new objectives has to let go of the old. Our motivation for change is the chance for progress and uniqueness.

Admit mistakes

Mistakes motivate us. They happen, we talk about them and learn from them. We use this chance every day to get better in a respectful way.

Say it simple

We strive after simple solutions. This is also how our communication is like – structured, clear, simple and understandable.

Be calm

Trust, humanity, loyalty and a fair interaction are important for us. We encounter our business partners carefully and with respect.


We love what we do. We would like to pass on this enthusiasm. Creatively, professionally – and with a smile.


Gobal marketing communication has to be quick, powerful and speak all languages. efficientM organizes marketing measures on international markets and in all media. In the interaction of digital media, print media and point-of-sale, we adapt concepts and creation; control processes and manage system-based content for individual formats. Holistic, complex, multilingual.


Process Consultation & Change Management

In order to be successful nowadays, marketing communication has to reach its target groups more and more quickly and increasingly personalized. Your targets define our working processes. From strategies and architectures we derive concrete optimization fields and savings potentials.

IT Service

Our solutions are simple. They are based on standard products optimizing complex processes in a cost-efficient way. Clever minds and clever IT design workflows for this purpose and pool synergies. This is how we manage international multichannel campaigns in an efficient and cost-effective way.

Content Management

We live content management! Millions of assets from all over the world flow through our systems. We make images, texts and data available on all media – for display, for requests, in dialogue.

Adaptive Creation & Innovation

We are specialists on the field of content-oriented creation and realize central concepts for every market individually. With a sense for current trends we think outside the box with regard to culture. In this way, we combine innovation capacity with technical competence.


Target markets are far away and often speak foreign languages. We support you in entering new cultural groups, translate your campaign into all relevant languages, media and formats. For example, we manage translations, coordinate contents and monitor editorial release processes up to the final product.

Media Production

Catalogue or app – we use every offline and online media. Specialists develop and control the entire realization process with precise system operations. No matter whether standardized or individual, we develop special and unique advertising material in high quality and within the budget frame.

Interesting facts

Print pages
App pages
cups of coffee
kilogrammes of fruit


Applause. Our customers are the best sparring partners and our projects are the greatest milestones.


Team – who is behind all this?

We are consultants, innovators, media production specialists, technicians, creative and process specialists. Different expertises, various task fields, but a common passion: our customers’ brands.

Interesting facts

The following materials have been saved during the production of the new BMW i3 by using 100 % recycled paper instead of a common catalogue production.


Welcome in. We offer exciting projects, large challenges and a lot of work. Tell us how you would like to support us and join our team.


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